Announcing Bluesumac Market Research Lab

Bluesumac is pleased to announce the creation of a specialized Market Research Lab. The Lab will have a staff of senior market research professionals with over 20 years experience working on brands such as Hudson’s Bay, Sears, Canadian Tire, Ipsos, Market Probe, TD Bank, Intuit, IBM, Ramada Hotels, AstraZeneca and Chiquita Brands International. The Bluesumac […]

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Is your brand suffering from GCCO Disorder™?

Do you know what a Gravitationally Completely Collapsed Object (GCCO) is? If you are a physics geek you probably do. But back in the 60’s the average person had no idea. And they didn’t really care. The theoretical physicist, John Wheeler spent a lot of time studying them. He and the rest of the physics community always called them gravitationally completely collapsed […]

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Cool font. What is it?

At Bluesumac, we strongly believe typeface is an integral part of the brand. And we like collecting fonts. So, after a detailed and careful selection process, we decided to update our corporate typeface. Our new font is called Averta. It is designed by Kostas Bartokas from a foundry called Intelligent Design located in Leeds, UK. Averta, from the […]

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What’s a creative brief?

Great question. A creative brief is a collaborative document written by the Bluesumac (us) and the client (you). It’s based on preliminary meetings, interviews, research and discussions before any work begins. As the project evolves, the creative brief is used to inform and guide the work. The Bluesumac creative brief includes these questions:

Who is the target audience?
What […]

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The History of Branding in 35 seconds

Download our History of Branding PDF. It’s 4 slides and you can read it in less than 35 seconds. Discover how branding got it’s start, how planned obsolescence was created and who developed brand theories.

download: Bluesumac’s History of Branding

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Two Brand Stories

Whenever we pitch a new client, we inevitably get asked the question: “What experience do you have in our industry?” While industry experience is important, we don’t think that’s the right question to ask. The problem with too much industry experience is messaging gets recycled and creative gets stale.

We think the right question is: “What […]

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