Do you know what a Gravitationally Completely Collapsed Object (GCCO) is? If you are a physics geek you probably do. But back in the 60’s the average person had no idea. And they didn’t really care. The theoretical physicist, John Wheeler spent a lot of time studying them. He and the rest of the physics community always called them gravitationally completely collapsed objects. This accurately described what they were, but was too abstract for people to care. Then in 1967, Wheeler used the term “black hole” during a lecture. The name stuck. And more importantly the whole world became interested in the phenomenon. It changed how people thought.

If your job was to come up with a name for a product like a massive exploding star with a powerful singular gravitational force, we don’t think you can do any better than a black hole. It’s simple. It does an exceptional job at communicating what the thing is – and does. And it’s highly memorable. And therein lies the power of branding. Inspire curiosity, keep it simple and make it memorable. Especially the make it memorable part.

If your company or product is suffering from GCCO Disorder™, give us a call. We are experts and we’ll help change how people think.