Great question. A creative brief is a collaborative document written by the Bluesumac (us) and the client (you). It’s based on preliminary meetings, interviews, research and discussions before any work begins. As the project evolves, the creative brief is used to inform and guide the work. The Bluesumac creative brief includes these questions:

  1. Who is the target audience?
  2. What are the objectives?
  3. What is the single message?
  4. What are the credentials:
  5. What are the mandatory elements?
  6. What are the references?
  7. What are the specific deliverables?
  8. What is the timeline?
  9. What is the budget?
  10. Who gives the approval?

For a more complete guide to the Bluesumac creative brief, use the link below and download our creative brief document.

Bluesumac Creative Brief template_2015