Updated for 2018!

Total media ad spending worldwide will rise 7.4% to $628.63 billion in 2018. Digital media will account for 43.5% of investments, thanks to rising global e-commerce spending and shifts from traditional TV to digital.

It is expected that in two years time, digital’s share of total advertising will be close to 50%.

Other notable highlights:

  • Mobile is the big winner, garnering 67.3% of digital and 29.2% of total media advertising this year.
  • Driven by rising demand, competition and increased prices, mobile’s share of total spending alone will rise to almost 42% by 2022.

Summary by Region:

  • North America will remain the world’s largest market, at $232.48 billion, a 6.6% rise from 2017. This accounts for 37.0% of the global media spend.
  • Asia-Pacific will account for 33.5% of worldwide ad spending at t $210.43 billion. It is the fastest-growing region, with its 10.7% growth rate driven largely by China.
  • Latin America will grow 8.7% to $38.04 billion in 2018.
  • Western Europe will reach $104.57 billion this year with a growth rate of 2.8%


Source: eMarketer inc.